West Island Digital

Helping Women Solopreneurs Grow their Business

Scale Your Business Beyond One-on-One Services

Learn how our Fractional Chief Digital Officer can help you create new revenue streams and automate your business to achieve growth without burnout.


Ideal Customer


Expert/Professional women solopreneurs/micro business owners providing 1-to-1 services.


You have maxed out your capacity to serve any more customers and as a consequence your revenue growth has stalled. You are exhausted, time poor and at risk of burnout. You don’t have the time or energy to be learning new skills or hiring and training new team members.


Move from a 1-to-1 to a 1-to-many service model, using a mix of community, courses, challenges etc., to create new revenue streams. Use quizzes and automation so you can help more people without spending more time. And so you can begin to delegate tasks to team members, if you wish.


How I Help People


We are here to help you put together the functionality you need to make your business truly flourish in this rapidly changing online world.

Borders don’t matter quite as much as they used to. These days, digital technology lets us connect around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you live in London, Seattle, Auckland or Sydney, West Island Digital can make a difference to your business.


I’m the founder of West Island Digital, with 15+ years of experience in ITC and digital technologies, including 7 years in CIO-type roles. I’ve worked in the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia and have experience with micro-businesses and corporate/government environments. Let’s work together to find the technology solutions that best fit your business needs.


“We are creating and developing an online platform. At the moment our business has been valued at $5 million and the industry in Australia is worth 1.25 billion dollars a year. There is no online platform of its kind in the market and we aim to dominate this opportunity very soon. It is thanks to a lot of the things I learnt through your course that has allowed me to contribute what I am to this business, thank you for that.”

Ben Pettingill