Who West Island Digital Is For


Are you finding yourself perpetually engaged in the tedious process of separating potential customers from those who don’t align with your business needs?

As an expert in your niche, you’ve successfully built your business, but the growth has come with its own challenges.

Your schedule is overflowing and accommodating any more clients seems impossible. Time has evolved into a scarce resource that you can’t afford to spend on prospective clients who aren’t ideally suited to your business model.

At this pace, the overwhelm has seeped into your personal space, leaving no room for leisure activities, self-care, or even quality time with family and friends.

With the right tools, you can regain your time and focus on what is genuinely important be it taking care of yourself, spending valuable time with loved ones, or strategically growing your business rather than just being caught up in daily operations.

Are you ready?


I’ll personally show you how to discover what customers want and need from you, then provide guidance, advice and feedback as you build your new online products and services from scratch. 

And I’ll provide coaching sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis so you can get started as quickly as possible.

Book a call with me to see whether our “Done With You” service will give you what you need right now.

  Course Creators

In my Quiz Creators Course + Coaching package, I’ll show you step-by-step how to use great questions in the form of quizzes, surveys and diagnostic tools to help you decide what new courses, mini-courses and challenges to offer your customers.

You’ll learn how to decide which type of quiz is right for your business, how to use your existing frameworks to create your quiz and what type of quiz software works best for particular types of quizzes.

And we have fortnightly 1-to-1 coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get guidance as you build your new quiz and associated online business components and sales funnels.

Community of like-minded people standing in a row

  Community Managers

Are you wanting to improve your community member experience?  Or use your onboarding process to get a better fit between new members and community values?  Or reduce the number of people leaving your community?  Schedule a 45-minute discovery session with me to see whether I can help and how.